Happy Birthday UPPDESIGNS

Welcome to my special birthday party!

I am Tasha Ann Miller, owner, and creator of UPPDESIGNS. Today is my birthday, and I am so happy to share it with you my new customers who will be supporting my business UPPDESIGNS. I can't actually believe I did it but the vision for this store was birthed from my love for graphic design and editing as a self-taught creative with an eye for good and unique designs. 

I love encouraging people because the love of Christ is in my heart and I cannot keep it to myself. So I started blogging in 2017 with Redeemed Christian Lifestyle Blog (@redeemedja) when I prayed to God about using my Journalism skills for the Kingdom of God. I would create graphics with my original poetry, scriptures, and quotes about the love of Christ in my life and share them to encourage others to start a relationship with Him.

Interestingly, I was able to hone my graphic design skills through creating backdrops and designs for the PowerPoint slide presentation of worship songs at my church, The Celebration Church Portmore, Jamaica. I would enjoy challenging myself each week to have creative backdrops for the worship songs that were used on Sundays. I used Canva as a learning tool, and I realized I was getting better each time at the designs. I didn't do too much graphic design at University; however, the raw talent was there from my love for video editing. God has truly graced me with creative talents and He takes all the credit for them.

UPPDESIGNS was born as I have always seen myself becoming an entrepreneur in the creative field. So after sharing one of my original quotes, 'I am not 100% but I'm 100% grateful'  on my wats app status, my friend said it would look great on a T-Shirt. I never thought about having my quotes on shirts, and I will always be grateful for that inspiration. 

 How do I create original quotes?

The original quotes come from my relationship with Christ, as I oftentimes hear them in my spirit and I try to write them down so I don't lose them. Otherwise, they are inspired by the challenges I have overcome in life and my attitude of gratitude despite my circumstances. As a writer and poet, my creative writing skills are very inclusive, so I merge all skills together when I create and design these quotes.

This is a store of love and passion. I hope you will enjoy shopping as much as I enjoy creating these gems of inspiration.  Please subscribe to our weekly graphic design newsletter to journey with UPPDESIGNS. Thank you all for coming to my birthday party. Please stay for a lifetime! 

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