About Us

UPPDESIGNS is a revolutionary and dynamic graphics design online store that inspires people to live their best lives by wearing what inspires them. The main component of the business is the creation of graphic designs and original quotes that will be printed on T-shirts as an emblem of what drives and motivates the individual who wears it. Wearing one’s inspiration will be a daily reminder that they are enabled and ready to take every opportunity or challenge that comes their way and refocus it to align with their individual purpose in life. The birth of UPPDESIGNS came simply from a friend who was encouraged by a post and suggested that it would look great on a T-shirt.  The post - I am not 100% but I’m 100% grateful!- soon immortalize into this dream and passion to create graphics and print them on T-shirts so that others could wear what encourages them to never give up hope in life. 

Additionally, I believe that other everyday products would also do well with having these graphic reminders so the product line expands to tumblers, canvas gallery wraps, mugs, and other products in the future.

If you would like custom quotes to be designed on your shirts feel free to send us an email at uppdesignsonline@gmail.com or message us on Instagram or Facebook @uppdesigns. 

Thank you for joining the journey to wear your inspiration! Happy Shopping!



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